Floral Image At Home

Sustainable Flower Service

Floral Image brings beautiful lifelike flowers to your home, refreshed every month with a new design + FREE delivery. No maintenance, no allergies and no mess, just beautiful everlasting flowers brightening your day, every day!



We service most areas in and around the 'Locations' listed in the order form. Please contact us at info@floralimage.com if you are unsure which 'Location' to select. A Floral Image representative will contact you within 2 business days to arrange delivery.

Each 3/6/12 month service package includes delivery and 1 refresh every month. You can choose any size or style at each monthly refresh from what is available that day. There are no ongoing costs. Our flowers are lifelike, so there’s no maintenance, no allergies and no mess, just gorgeous sustainable flowers!

*If you have received a promotional flyer, please contact your local Floral Image representative HERE to redeem.

For our Corporate Service, please visit floralimage.com